Events held in the Pal Theatre will follow the Pal’s guidelines.

  • Staff’s temperature is taken when they arrive to work. If their temperature is above 100.4 they are not allowed to enter the theatre.
  • Each employee wears a mask at all times in public areas.
  • All public areas are wiped down with sani-mist sanitizer after each use. 
  • Bathrooms, countertops, door handles, restroom doors, and other public areas are all cleaned with CDC recommended sanitizing products. 
  • The theater is sanitized with Ryobi air purifier before and after each show. 
  • All patrons are asked to wear masks in all public areas: ticket booth, hallways, restrooms, concession stand, and any other public places. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available for public use.
  • Theatre seating is at recommended social distancing spacing for all patrons.